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Intuitive Creative Spiritual Mentoring for Change-Makers, Leaders, Creatives and Healers.
Combining spiritual mentoring, intuitive process painting,
Human Design, presence and embodiment practices
to uncover your true aliveness.
Supporting you to courageously bring your unique medicine and gifts to the world in their fullest most beautiful expression.
At the entrance to the cave you notice a burning torch, waiting for your arrival. Laying down your heavy bags, you take up the torch. The warmth of the flame heats your cheeks and illuminates the front of your body. You wonder how far the path goes and what’s inside. Part of you is afraid, but the curiosity and adventure in your heart pulls you forward.
The passage is narrow, just enough space to pass through. You duck a little in places, as you venture deeper.

The path winds around a corner and a beautiful warm glow fills the vast cavern before you. There’s so much to take in; shining jewels of every colour, intricate dripping straws and ancient stalactites and stalagmites, lit by candles of every shape and size.
In the centre of the cavern you see me, waiting for you on an indigo velvet chair, covered with embroidered fabrics in the most luscious deep reds and purples. I’ve been waiting for you, knowing you’d find me when the time was right. My heart swells at the sight of you.
 I motion for you to take a seat in an equally beautifully adorned chair beside me. Placing your torch in the holder to your left, you allow yourself to relax into your cosy chair. We take a deep breath in unison, as we smile and gaze at one another.

You start by asking who I am and I begin to tell my story.

About me

I am Bec Fowler

Artist, Writer and Guide

I create to remember who I am

I create to become who I am

I create to express who I am

I create to heal and connect

At my core, is a deep desire to share what I've learned and discovered through my life struggles and to teach and communicate my message with as many women as possible.

Tailored Group Workshops

Do you run or belong to a women’s circle or group centered around women’s spiritual self development?
I would love to meet you and your group and would be honored to bring my transformative creative spiritual practice workshops to you.
Drop me an email to tell me about you and your group and lets hatch a plan for co-creating a deep and memorable workshop experience to specifically meet your group’s needs and interests.
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"I have worked with Becky both in a group setting and 1:1 and I can honestly say that both ways of engaging in intuitive painting are incredibly potent. Becky holds such a safe and inviting space to enable you to unfold the mystery within. She gently coaxes and encourages you to drop into that space of subconscious mind and body and allow the unspoken, unseen aspects emerge on the page. Her warm and beautiful manner really supports you to get out of your own way, the thinking mind, and to allow the painting process to take you over. I’ve had some really deep revelations and insights whilst working with Becky. A highly skilled, professional and intuitive coach. I am really blessed to have found her work."

Michelle Beagley

"I have had the pleasure to spend this summer working one to one alongside Becky Fowler. It has been a fascinating and illuminating journey. Throughout the process I have felt safely held and wisely witnessed by Becky, as I have began to listen to my body and access its wisdom. The sessions were most helpful and it was healing to have time dedicated to my development. Her gentle challenging of my perceptions of the painting process were in hindsight the most valuable. This is where I made most progress. Between sessions her continuing support was also supportive and positive. I am still processing the many learnings I gained following the intuitive painting process with Becky. I look forward to working with her again. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend both Becky and the intuitive painting process."

Alice Grey
"Becky has been supporting me with great experience, love and her laser focus questions, as I travel into the unknown. I totally trust her as she makes me feel so well held and cared for. I follow her with my natural rhythm and as the old falls apart, layer by layer, new discoveries appear. Because she’s grounded and so present, the creative energy moves so freely between me and her and the trust deepens creating a beautiful co-operation! I inform her, she informs me and the energy, alive and able to move freely, deepens my connection to myself - my knowing myself! I am so grateful for this support and creative work we do together."

Raimonda Pironti

"Becky gave me all the permission to paint whatever came to me in the moment. She asked questions that helped me see the possibility of next steps. It was really comforting for me to be able to have discussions about what was happening for me between my body, mind, and the painting. Letting the 'shoulds' go in all areas in my life is a HUGE thing for me right now. The intuitive painting process was a big help in the letting go and in letting me see me, my desires and how I would like to see the world. I found that I could let myself just get lost in the painting. I could feel free. I could express all my emotions onto the painting. I definitely want to add this process in some form to my life more often."

Katie Lynn
"Becky is an amazing leader and I recommend her whole-heartedly as a teacher and facilitator of the expressive arts. Though small in stature, her presence is clear and confident and made me feel safe to take creative and emotional risks." 

Ann Tamminen
"Becky created a peaceful and serene environment inviting me to connect with myself. The beat of the drum, the sound of humming and masterfully led meditation left me connected to myself in a primal and beautiful way. Becky is a wonderful leader. I felt drawn to follow her on a journey into myself. "

Sandy Hollstrom.
"Becky’s workshop was a sublime and cathartic experience. "

Donna Draper
"I took part in an incredibly powerful workshop led by Becky Fowler. Becky’s leadership came without any shaming or demands. Her focus was on the process and journey, not the outcome or even any expectation that we would ‘improve’ under her guidance. I was able to participate without fear. It is a tribute to Becky’s power and compassion as a leader that I felt able to break down and cry as much as I needed to. I absolutely recommend taking the brave step to join Becky in her work in the intuitive expressive arts." 

Mel Bratz.
"Becky is a witty, compassionate spit-fire who exudes expert leadership and knowledge of subject matter. She is able to tap into shamanic power and take you through a profound healing experience. She is fierce and powerful and an inspiration." 

Diana Fischer.
"Becky’s workshop gave me back my voice. She reconnected me to a deep, DEEP power that’s been buried so long. I’d forgotten it even existed. AND she did it in gentle little baby steps, leading me to my place of power without me hardly realising it until I was there. I will forever be grateful to Becky for that experience."

Heidi Hauck
"Becky is a BIG presence in a small package! She is a natural leader and easily commands the room with a gentle and loving nature. She is fierce and soft and openly shares her love of sound and voice work with her participants. Her ability to transport you to another dimension while remaining grounded and present with yourself is a true gift. She moves about the room with ease and confidence, creating a very strong and grounded container for this deep sacred work. "

Leslie Typrin.
"Becky is a force of nature with deep inner strength. It is a gift to attend her workshops whether she leads you to claim your voice or express yourself through painting. Her support and feedback is lovingly and firmly applied to help you access something more. I look forward to attending a future workshop. "

Lisa Hanlen.
"I attended a fun day creating vision boards with Becky. I thoroughly enjoyed the avenue of self-expression. I felt child-like, but I was not over-thinking, so I got lost in the moment. Becky is a natural, warm, professional and organised facilitator." 

Mary Morrissey.
"Becky is a rock star really! She took us on a journey of soul and sound. I was transported to another place and time without leaving the room." 

Jessica Bowman.
"I experienced Becky's big shamaness power and her command of the room in her workshop. Sharing her edge was such a gift to us and sharing the process of getting there. Her workshop was masterfully led. She gave clear instructions and each activity built on the one prior. I appreciate how well thought out it was and that she provided a very safe container for us to explore."

Carolina Davies.
Email: hello@creativecovenarts.co.uk
Telephone: 07367 964679
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