Reminders of Beauty Everywhere - A swan flew past my house!

‘Dear God [or insert preferred term here], I trust that no matter what happens in my life, it is for my highest good. And no matter what happens in the lives of those I love, it is for their highest good. From all things that are put before us all, we shall become stronger and more loving people. I am grateful for all the beauty and opportunity you put into my life. And in all that I do, I shall seek to be a channel for your love.’ (Susan Jeffers)

Dear Creative Soul Sister,

This prayer has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. I read it out at my mother’s funeral to remind myself (and others) that even in the face of situations that seem so unfair at the time, there is a divine plan at play and we may not know the reason for things as they are happening, but in years to come, we will look back and realise.

I remember to trust and to surrender when I read this prayer. I remember to accept and to allow. I remember my part in the divine plan and return to gratitude and love.

Right now we are faced with uncertainty everywhere we look. More than ever I am relying on my creative spiritual practices to give me a sense of peace and serenity as we head into the unknown. Grounding down and returning to my body through meditation, sitting in the sunshine in my back garden listening to the birds, scribbling on a piece of paper with a coloured marker or oil pastel, drinking a hot drink or just being with my awareness in the present moment.

As I sit here writing, a beautiful white swan has just flown past my house across the pale blue sky. A black crow has just landed on the fence and sits eyeing the grass in my lawn for food with their feathers glistening silvery in the sunshine. So beautiful. I have deep gratitude for moments like these that remind me that there is beauty, there is continuation of life. Nature is so important to me right now in reminding me that we are part of a bigger picture.

This too shall pass. May you find serenity in your daily life and time to quieten your mind to listen to the truth that is within you, If I can support you in any way through this time, please reach out. Wishing you a sense of safety within and peaceful groundedness,

Lots of love and light,

Becky xx

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