It's amazing what can be achieved in a year.

Dear Creative Soul Sister,

It's amazing what can be achieved in a year.

It’s been a whole year since I resigned from my career.
A whole year since I said ‘No more. I can’t keep doing this to myself.’
A year since I let go of the duty to keep showing up and abandoning myself at the door.
It’s been a year of unlearning, letting go and deconditioning from all that I thought I needed to do to prove my worth and my lovability.
A year of letting go of striving, pushing, berating and beating myself up for not hitting the mark.
A year of releasing the hurt from putting up with breaches to my boundaries and being bullied.
A year of recovering from working until I was an exhausted shell of myself, hollow, brittle and empty.
A year of letting go of blaming others for my life not being how I wanted it to be.
A year of stepping out of being a victim.
It’s been a year of gently re-discovering who I am, what is important to me, who I am at a core level, what brings me joy and how my body needs to be treated to feel good.
It has been a year of surrendering control, trusting myself and the universe and most importantly learning to open to receive.
It’s been a year of coming out of hiding, honouring and recognising who I am and unashamedly bringing that out into the world for others to know.
It’s been a year of taking responsibility for my actions, thoughts and beliefs and noticing without judgement when I forget.
It's been a year of getting to know my daughter, how to respect her as an individual and how to support her to claim the life she is here to lead instead of asserting my values and beliefs upon her to live out. It’s been a year of discovering that she is amazing and has so much to teach me about myself.
It’s been a year of realising that I have shut myself off from receiving and being fully present to myself and others for fear of being hurt and through self-love and compassion, to gently heal this part of myself and open up my heart to those worthy of my fullness.
It’s been a year of learning to be discerning and not leaping back into patterns of fixing, rescuing and over-doing to fill the void of love and not enough-ness.
It’s been a year of beginning to write my memoir, learning to have compassion with my story and why I am the way that I am and through this understanding beginning to make different choices to steer my story in another more loving direction.
It’s been a year of learning that I have a lot of wisdom and am ready to start sharing this with other women.
A year of learning that its ok not to have it all worked out ahead of time and I can trust myself in the moment to bring wisdom through me.
The more I unlearn, the more I realise how excited I am to continue to learn about love, intimacy, vulnerability and being my true uncensored self, choosing to fully belong to myself so I can belong in the world.

It's amazing what a year of choosing differently can achieve.

What has changed for you in a year?

Are you still moving through life on auto-pilot or are you awakening to what the truth of you has to say?

Would you like to unfold more of who you are with support, love and encouragement? 

If you are looking to transform your life into a deeper better fit to who you actually are and would like support to do this, you might be interested in my one to one creative mentoring program Rise Up Soul Sister where I work with women to bring more soul, depth and joy back into their lives.

I am also excited to be brewing a group online painting circle experience called 'Prospecting For Gold'. This six week group program will run weekly. Each 3 hour session will consist of facilitated intuitive process painting, guided meditation, movement and sharing circle via zoom. The cost of the program is £180. I am now opening up a waiting list for people to register their interest in joining this group. Dates and times will follow. Numbers will be limited to ensure maximum time and attention for each person in circle and facilitation. If you'd like to hear more about this program or would like to get on the list to join this group please reply to this email or email 

I wish you freedom and liberation.

Lots of love and light,

 Becky xx

Creative inspiration:

I've been working on this painting (or more appropriately, it's been working on me) for about a month now. It has been one of my most epic painting journeys. I've a feeling it's finished but I know I've said that before only to realise that the real work hadn't even started yet.
This painting has brought me to realisations about my need to heal my wounding around speaking up, claiming my power, recognising my worth and value, breaking the rules and the liberation that comes from that and most potently, healing my father wounds.
This painting has stretched me to the edges of my comfort zone, it has witnessed and supported me whilst I had my head shaved (infact it was the catalyst for shaving my head) and it has held me as I've been awakened to what I've needed to see.

You can follow along with my painting and other creative spiritual practices on my Instagram grid. I'd love to see you there x

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