Painting From The Inside Out 03.11.20

A six week online intuitive process painting course

An Introduction to Intuitive Process Painting, Embodiment Practices and Sacred Circle

Course Overview:

You’re invited to join us for an introduction to intuitive process painting, embodiment practices and sacred circle to reconnect with yourself in a non-judgemental, safe space. In this 6 week online introductory course, you will get a taste of the gifts that these practices have to offer you.

This program is about getting into your body, tuning in and listening deeply to your own innate wisdom and being present to all that reveals itself for your attention. See the possibility of getting unstuck and freeing yourself from limiting thought patterns. Allow yourself to go on an adventure into your soul and your psyche. Let yourself begin to drop old stories and open up to the magical, dream-like realm of the intuitive painting process. Go along for the ride and see where it brings you!

Intuitive Process Painting:

Begin to discover what happens when you let the brush and paint reveal what you need to know and guide you back to yourself. Explore allowing yourself to express how you feel in the moment. Play with letting your shadow become visible. Go with the flow and mystery, to let go and become open to the unknown and the beauty of not knowing. Go beyond your logical thinking mind and delve into your glorious imagination. Begin to surprise yourself with images and insights that flow to you whilst painting in this way. Allow yourself to become immersed in the process and stay present to listening deeply to your internal urges and intuitive knowing.

Sacred Circle:

Be received and accepted exactly as you are by our sacred circle of fellow courageous women and lovingly held by them as you begin to explore parts of who you are, what you are willing to let go of and what you are longing to invite into your life.

Embodiment Practices:

Get grounded and present in your body ready for the intuitive painting process, through guided meditation and fun, exploratory movement and sound.

More about Intuitive Painting:

Intuitive painting is about the process NOT the product. It is about what’s happening within you as you paint, not what comes through onto the paper. No prior interest in art or experience in painting or art making is necessary. You don’t have to be ‘creative’ or an ‘artist’. This process is open to all and does not require any skill or talent.

This is NOT an art class where you will be taught painting techniques and how to make beautiful art. However, you will be guided and facilitated to access your intuition and to follow your intuition to paint.


Painters will need:

  • a place to paint (preferably a large wall space, a large easel/surface or a table),
  • a number of sheets of large paper – suitable for painting on i.e. the heavier weight the better (size A2 or as large as you can get),
  • *poster paints (also known as tempera paint, ready mix paint and liquid gouache) in a few colours (a basic set of black, white, red, blue, yellow plus any other colours you fancy),
  • a few brushes of different sizes,
  • an internet connection and device.

Hobbycraft stocks all that you need.

*not acrylics or other expensive paint. Cheap poster paint is chosen to allow you full freedom of expression without worrying about cost and wastage. We use paper not canvas for the same reason.

Cost: £83
Start Date: 3rd November 2020 1pm-4pm UK time.
Criteria: open to UK residents and citizens over 19 years of age.
Hosted by Worcestershire Adult Education and Library Services.
Booking: Click here 
Telephone: 07367 964679
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