When Life Feels Too Hard

Dear Creative Soul Sister,

Recently, life was feeling hard for me. I felt like nothing was flowing, no one cared and what was the point anyway, so fuck it all. I was pushing, efforting and wanting life to be how I wanted it to be, rather than accepting it as it was. I had forgotten to trust and know my innate worth regardless of external circumstances. I had allowed myself to forget what gave me pleasure. I had slid into 'poor me' victim mentality.

Thanks to the support and witness of my family, friends and a beautiful circle of women I belong to, I was reminded of the need to rest, 'let myself off the hook' and have self-compassion for what I was feeling and where I was at. I took their advice and stopped trying to work it out and do what I was supposed to be doing. I went to the library and borrowed a funny book and sat in the sunshine and read it. I allowed myself to cry and speak about what was heavy on my heart. I allowed myself to receive love, witnessing and support from others. I allowed myself to question the rules and beliefs I had created for myself to live by and explored what would happen if I dropped them or eased them. I stopped numbing myself with scrolling on my phone and went walking and painted. I wrote the following reminder for myself for next time I feel like there is no point and it's all too hard.

Note to self: When life feels too hard:

✨Allow in love and support - receive
✨Be gentle
✨Wait - this is not the time to act
✨Re-fill your cup by focusing on self-love and compassion
✨Paint and keep on painting. It is your portal into source and infinite possibilities. It is your way of reconnecting to your agency and energy. This is your safe place for authentic self-expression. You are part of the divine and it is part of you.
✨ Remember this too shall pass.

If life has been feeling hard for you too lately, I wish you self compassion and a remembering of your innate worthiness to receive and just allow yourself to BE.

Until next time,

Lots of love and light,

Becky xx

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