A letter from 2020

Dear One,

Wake up, sit up and take notice.

I am the essence of 2020 sent at this time to sweep through, disrupt and sever the patterns that keep you blind, on autopilot and closed to your magnificence and purpose. I bring clarity, resolution and urgency.

On the surface I might look like your worst nightmare manifest, robbing you of any sense of control you thought you had. The effect of my energy might bring fear of the unknown and shake your very core and foundation; bringing you to your knees and making you question all you thought you knew.

I am the cleansing and lifting of the veil on systems that no longer serve; cutting through tangled debris, to reveal the path forward for those of you meant for what lies ahead.

I am clarity showing you the toxic wasteland patriarchy has created; revealing the sludge of shame, separation and anxiety pulsing through your body, driving you to perpetuate it’s lie. I am the catalyst for healing and cleansing out-of-balance wounded masculine and feminine energies - replacing competition, separation and power-over with collaboration, compassion, unity and love.

I am chaos.

There will be loss Beloved, there will be grieving of what once was, there will be division and polarity. Extremes are necessary, to penetrate the deep sleep of those who do not want to see and to fortify knowing in the hearts of the ones who are carriers of my message.

I am the grounding of your aeroplanes and the ceasing of your car engines and machines. Notice the swell of peace and spaciousness within you when motion pauses. Hear the birds again and know you are nothing without nature.

Beloved, you are not separate and in competition with others. Know that you are innately worthy of love and approval. Feel this in your bones and act from this place of deep knowing within you. My energy will help you let go of wounding from the past – the lesser than, greater than, hierarchical falseness you’ve unconsciously been perpetuating.

The oppressed will be empowered by my essence to rise and rain down suppressed rage on their oppressors. The masses will seek balance and justice on their behalf. Those with fear and prejudice in their hearts will be called to reflect and make amends.

Now is not the time to look to others to save you and decide for you Beloved. Look within yourself and connect with YOUR truth. Ask yourself, what is true for YOU? What are YOUR values? What are YOU here to contribute? Reach within your soul and reconnect with your values and choose to allow them to guide you to right action. It’s no accident you arrived here in human form at this time. You’ve been sent for THIS; to be part of this momentous shift and change in collective consciousness. This change is so needed Beloved. Feel the rise and fall of all that has been and all that will be. Infuse your words with love. Trust in divine order playing out right now, knowing this is for the greater good.

Through enforcing external restrictions, I am clarity, to help you see your habit of going-through-the-motions and living a life of obligation for what it truly is – a waste of your time and your energy. Connect with your true desires and commit to honest, intimate relationships Dear One – firstly with yourself and then with others.

My challenge for you Beloved, is to trust. Trust me and trust the great unknown. There are no accidents. You don’t need to understand intellectually because you already know everything you need to know. It’s within you, in your cells, in your bones. You brought it with you Dear One. Just ask and learn to listen. Notice your body and the ways it communicates with you. Your body doesn’t lie. You can trust it’s sensations, urges and nudges showing you the way. Follow what feels true for you and allow yourself to step bravely into the unknown.

You have been gifted with intuition and emotions to help you navigate your life, true to your soul purpose. Living in your head and blindly following the status quo is not your way Beloved. To heal collective wounding there needs to be a shift from the head to the body; a dropping of defences, blame and shoulds and a return to humility and openness to learn and grow. Follow your senses and let your body guide and carry you. Now is the time to make peace with your body and learn to live in harmony and partnership with your truest ally.

Use the time I gift you, to calm your nervous system. Walk in nature, slow down, say no to what no longer serves you or the greater good. Listen deeply to yourself and shut out the noise of the media and other’s opinions. Make a commitment to put your needs first and to choose YOU every time. This is self love. The shift that’s coming, requires people who have the resilience to choose love and compassion over fear and compliance. There are going to be times over the years to come where you will be called upon to rise, lead and offer your existence as an example to others.

Be gentle with yourself Beloved and carry my message of forgiveness and compassion to your fellow human beings. Yes, I am asking you to risk ridicule and rejection, but I know in my heart you are strong enough Dear One, that’s why I chose you. Gather with others who also carry this flame in their hearts. Join and support one another to not lose faith in the eventual dawning of the new way.

Now is the time to act, to wake up, to own your sovereignty and power. Come to your senses, wipe away the sleep from your eyes and rise. Take your place and lead from your heart. Lead with certainty but also with openness and humility. Know that you don’t have to do this alone. Divine helpers ask you to open to their wisdom and work in partnership with them at this time. You are not being asked to stand alone. You are never alone. The way forward is unity.

Dear One, now is the time to open to new levels of consciousness and communication. This world needs humans who are waking up to their magnificence, magic and potency. Your raised consciousness and grounded presence is a like a prayer, whispering in the ears of those who can not see through the veil of falseness yet. Like a wave of energetic co-regulation, your equilibrium and centredness will guide others to find their own. Follow your intuition and connect with teachers who inspire you and can help you learn new skills to bring your message to the world. Invest time in developing your creativity, intuition and trust.

Beloved, what is to come is beautiful. Allow limiting beliefs about who you thought you were to fall away now. These beliefs are no longer needed.

2020 is just the beginning.

I am the catalyst pulling the rug from under failing, destructive systems. I bring messages of hope amidst chaos. Just as wildfire is necessary for some seeds to crack open and be released, so too, chaos is needed for humanity to be birthed into a more resilient, sustainable form.

Trust Dear One. All is well,

Love 2020

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