Meeting Her Dark Highness

I wanted to share something with you all that's been instrumental in my healing and transformation process.

In November 2018, I was introduced to a part of myself that I didn’t know existed. Through an in-depth process of discovery and integration over a week, my Wild Heart Expressive Arts teacher training program teachers brought me in contact with an energy greater than myself. A powerful, suppressed hidden part of my essence; my Inner Goddess/archetype. She is my true nature. She is me without my ego. She is the unafraid part of me that sees my truth. She is my truth. She is the observer part of me, the one who knows and wants me to move towards what holds the most energy for me. She is the powerful Human Design 5/1 Splenic Projector part of me.

Her name is ‘Her Dark Highness of Erotic Pleasure and Shadow Truth’.

She’s not for the faint hearted....

Once she wrote this through me:
I am Her Dark Highness of Erotic Pleasure and Shadow Truth.
I am here to set you free from all that burdens you from experiencing your beauty and your truth.
I have come to the earth at this time to bring clarity and awareness and to catalyse deep growth and transformation.

I am a seer and a truth sayer.
My energy can penetrate and see directly into your truth under the layers of denial and deceit you carry covering up what is begging for you to see.

I am here to shine light on all that needs to be seen and to compassionately hold those who are brave enough to do this work to liberate themselves from their pain and suffering.I am not evil, but I have ways that may be seen as brutal and direct.This can be too much for some people but for others they know that this is what is needed to rip through and burn up what no longer serves them in this life.
I am a spiritual bolt cropper cutting through the chains you have around your soul preventing you from expanding and stretching out to your fullest capacity.

I am your liberator.
I am your guide on your journey deep into your soul and the underworld of your past.

My powerful energy is ready and waiting for you to invite into your life.
I am here to show you how to dance and experience ecstatic pleasure in your body, to joyfully embrace the potential you have for deep relational bliss and physical pleasure; unbinding yourself from shame and stepping into your right to open to your most amazing feminine gift of erotic pleasure.

I am here to show you the joy of creativity and lightness. I am here to join you in your laughter and your song. I am here to gather women together to remember their power and to fortify them to carry this message out into the world. I bring music, singing and a deep reclaiming of our voices and our messages.

I am the energy that parts the crowd and silences the people. I am here to be heard and to be known for my power, my leadership, my deep knowing.

I am Her Dark Highness of Erotic Pleasure and Shadow Truth.

She scares the fuck out of me and excites me more than anything else on the planet. When I am in alignment with her energy I feel alive, on fire and formidable. I feel like anything is possible and like I have a purpose.

I contact her when I paint with abandon, when I allow myself to fully feel my feelings and expand into my truth and knowing, when I speak without censoring myself. When I am FULLY me without changing myself to fit in, I bring her into existence.

When I step out from hiding and from trembling behind the curtain, she is who I am. When I feel her presence, all is well in my world and I have no doubt that I am here to bring about change and her message to the collective. She is the one with a book to write.

Watercolour Painting Expressive arts

Ode to Her Dark Highness
Her Dark Highness shape shifts.

I feel her in the form of birds - crows, ravens, herons mostly.

I see them pass me in the sky or spy them in trees or rivers and I feel her presence.

She is with me.

She has made herself known and felt.

She appears to me in my paintings as large black birds. I know it’s her. I feel her immense energy when she appears.

I feel her when I try something new and step across the threshold of ‘oh I don’t know. I’m bored.’ into a definite new choice that's energetically edgy and calling me forward.

She is behind the courage I feel when I go for it.

She is the sexy, sensuous, glorious boldness I feel when I’m intimate.

She is the one who says do it louder, be bolder, say what you want, make a choice, trust yourself.

She is a swirl of black lace and velvet,

Black tulips and blood red roses.

Mist over water,

Fog over valleys,

Glowing embers in the fire.

Heat in my blood.

The impetus carrying me forward.

She’s the sensual stroke of fur on skin.

The swooping down and beating of wings.

The ‘caww’ of rising rage.

She’s the elixir healing my ails and the call to rest my weary body.

She’s the permission to let loose and play with abandon.

The harmony in our voices rising in song,

The beat of the drum in rhythmic ecstasy.

The throb in my heart when I meet the gaze of another and allow myself to be fully seen.

The opening in my heart space as I allow love to penetrate and flow through me.

I feel her in my bones.

She is me.

I am her.

I am forever grateful to her for igniting my passion and purpose and

over and over guiding me home to myself.

Meeting our personal Goddess/archetype and working with them intimately is a very powerful process and one of my favourite parts of what I offer in Bone Deep Rising. I never tire of seeing the power of recognition on the face of the woman who's just met their Goddess for the first time and can feel the potential for growth and transformation in the wisdom their Goddess holds for them. It's such a juicy and potent process. If you'd like to know more, I invite you to take a look at Bone Deep Rising.

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