Sacred Wound and Sacred Medicine 

Dear Creative Soul Sister,

Last night I tuned into my sacred wound and sacred medicine through an experience led by Chris Zydel @wildheartqueen. I did my Wild Heart Expressive Arts teacher training with Chris, so had done this exercise before, but last night it really landed.

Sacred wounds are those core wounds we carry with us from childhood
(and potentially from previous life times).
It's the key lesson/healing
your soul signed up for this time round.

It came as no surprise, the sacred wound that surfaced for me was around not feeling safe or worthy of being seen and heard. 

This wound has played out in my life as low self-worth and limiting beliefs such as 'I don't matter', 'what I have to say doesn't matter', 'no-one wants to hear what I have to say', 'what I have to say will cause trouble' etc.

From the age of 31, I experienced crippling anxiety and panic attacks for 8 years after my Mum's death.

My words would literally get swallowed by my lack of breath. I remember the physical effort of trying to speak, despite my laboured breathing, pounding heart and swimming thoughts.

The exhaustion after these episodes was debilitating. The cycle was vicious. The more I feared experiencing a panic attack in certain situations, the more likely it was to happen. I started avoiding places, people and types of conversations.

The beauty of sacred wounds is by living with them,
we learn how to bring healing to our wounds
(and potentially how to support others to do this for themselves)
by developing our sacred medicine.

When we tap into our sacred medicine, we open up to the magic of who we are and what we are here to do.

My sacred medicine is to recognise myself, create safety within my body, acknowledge my worth and express myself authentically. 

By really deepening my commitment and practice of doing this for myself, I have also developed my innate capacity to support others to do this for themselves too.

My sacred medicine to others, is to hold space for them to feel seen, heard and safe, and to encourage them to fully express themselves authentically. 

I love bringing my sacred medicine to others in my Bone Deep Rising program. I also love supporting others to discover their own unique sacred wound and sacred medicine. 

You are worthy.
What you have to share matters.
You matter.
I see you

As always, I love hearing from you, so feel free to reply to this email.

I love hearing what resonates for you AND I love answering questions,

Until next time,
I'm sending you so much love,

Bec xxxx

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