About me

I am Bec Fowler.

Artist, Writer and Guide.

 I create to remember who I am,

 I create to become who I am,

 I create to express who I am,

 I create to heal and connect.

"At my core, is a deep desire to share what I've learned and discovered through my life struggles and to teach and communicate my message with as many women as possible."

I am the lantern in the dark leading the way

A sword cutting through the tangled debris, 

preventing what's hidden from being seen,

A magnet attracting the truth and what's real to the surface,

A magic potion revealing clarity,

A parting of the fog,

A hand on your shoulder,

A laser vision into your heart,

An anchor grounding you into your knowing,

A vision holder flying above, keeping vigil and showing the way.
My work in this lifetime, is to contribute to the gathering of healing medicine women. Guiding them to become emboldened, igniting passion and purpose, grounding in deep knowing of the truth of who they are and what they are here to share. Healing trauma, shame and disconnection through creativity, sisterhood, body wisdom and presence.

I believe now is the time to come together. The world is rapidly changing and needs women to awaken, do what they love in authentic passionate ways and guide others to do the same. When women feel alive and empowered and allow themselves to feel pleasure in their bodies and in their experiences, they come into alignment with Divine Feminine Consciousness. This shift leads to healing our collective wounding. The more creatively-sexually-awake-enlivened women there are on the planet, the more dynamic our society can be. This catalyses healing and transformation of the paradigm. We begin breaking down the patriarchal system, limiting beliefs that bind us to the past, old ways and patterns of behaviour. When we do this work, we make way for the new to be shown to us. We create spaciousness within ourselves to allow in the new to fill us up and expand our realities.
Allow truth to be your muse,
leading you into your destiny
to release your magic into the world.

Find out more about my qualifications and experience

Email: hello@creativecovenarts.co.uk
Telephone: 07367 964679
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