Bone Deep Rising

Bone Deep Rising

A nine-month transformative, one to one creative-spiritual mentoring program.
£2376 or 9 monthly payments of £264 
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I invite you to call your energy and awareness back into your body, drop into the place in you where you know and let my words filter through your guidance system, noticing how they land, how they make you feel and what sparks within you.

I’m waiting at the threshold for you.

You approach the portal with trepidation in your heart, but also a deep knowing that what has been before, needs to fall away now, as the new relentlessly calls you.

There’s a magnetic pull urging you to step up to the edge.

You take a breath and come to stand beside me.

We look each other in the eye and in that moment recognition passes between us.

We both know we can do this.

We have within us all that’s required for the journey ahead.

Everything we have both experienced to this point was in service of this moment.

I have my medicine bag of tools and healing balms collected on my own travels and you too have everything you need within you to meet the challenges that lie ahead.

Together we turn to face the unknown that stretches out beyond the threshold.

We reach for one another’s hand and take a step together, knowing the courage for the next step and the next step will rise within us as we move.

What is Bone Deep Rising?

Bone Deep Rising is a trauma informed, divinely feminine nine-month transformative, one to one creative-spiritual mentoring program designed to support you to:

Develop a deep knowing and love of who you are,

Gain clarity about your purpose at this time,

Reclaim and trust your connection with yourself, your Larger Self and Spirit,

Open to receiving Divine inspiration, guidance and support, allowing Divine wisdom to work through you,

Make decisions with ease that feel deeply aligned,

Reclaim your authentic voice and expression,

Safely explore your underworld of shadow, core wounding, trauma, attachment style's, beliefs and patterns to unravel what binds and limits you,

Accept, integrate and own the fullness of who you are,

Understand and re-wire habitual fear and Self-doubt,

Learn to work with your body and nervous system to take sustainable steps forward,

Discover your unique gifts and medicine,

Feel supported, championed and held, as you navigate your way to a more true, expanded version of yourself,

Recognise and access the magnitude of your power, purpose, potency and magnetism,

Work with your cyclical nature and rhythms to know when to go within, to rest, to create and to take action,

Become visible and bring your unique message to the collective, in a very powerful and concrete way for the greater good of humanity and our planet.  

Bone Deep Rising is a container of trust and deep knowing. It asks of us to commit to being open to seeing the truth, to honouring what wants to be known and trusting the process.

The unknown is our guide, requiring us to surrender our agenda and listen with curiosity and wonder. Dropping our control and opening to the wisdom of our intuition and souls, where magic reveals itself and calls us deeper.

I don’t have all the answers for you, but I do have unshakable faith in the wisdom of your soul and the universe, and an ability to see the truth in your heart and in the situation at hand. My role is to advocate for your soul and keep it’s most beautiful vision for you in my mind’s eye, as we navigate our way forward.

Step into the sacred pool,

Ignite your power, passion and purpose,

Align with your deepest truth and the well of infinite love and knowledge available to you,

Connect with your innate guidance system,

Receive clarity

Trust your truth and what your soul is calling you to do,

Make a commitment.

Who is Bone Deep Rising for?

Bone Deep Rising is for Change-Makers, Way-Showers, Leaders, Healers, Light Workers, Space-Holders, Artists, Creatives, Teachers and Guides who are on the threshold of something big wanting to be birthed through them.

It’s for those who feel a pull within, a persistent whisper urging them to bring their gifts out more fully, for the greater good of themselves and the Collective.

Bone Deep Rising is for Ones who feel now is the time to move beyond fear, doubt and resistance toward a sense of aliveness and making the impact they’re here to make.

It’s for those who seek clarity, confirmation, direction and courage to make decisions that feel aligned.

And for those who want to delve head first into the glorious complexity of who they are and the magic of what needs to come through them.

How is Bone Deep Rising structured?

We’ll meet 1:1, online (or in-person), for a 2.5-3 hour session, twice a month, over a nine month period. You’ll have access to unlimited, ongoing support between sessions via a private Facebook group, email, WhatsApp or social media messaging and will receive individualised suggestions for continued practices and inquiry throughout our time together.

Investment and Payment Options:

9 monthly payments of £264
or One payment of £2376

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What’s included in the sessions?

True to the Magical, Creative Beings we are, throughout our journey together, we'll explore and work with an eclectic mix of tools, systems, energies and concepts in an individualised, intuitive way, at all times, in deep service of your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Purpose.

Intuitive Coaching and Self Enquiry

The foundation of our work together is the sacred space we co-create between us. A space where you can feel safe to trust yourself to open to what wants to be seen and explored. A non-judgemental space where you can feel free to show up exactly as you are, in each moment and express yourself without holding anything back or feeling the need to be anything other than who you truly are. This space can hold it all, and ALL of you is welcome.

Through intuitive inquiry and heart to heart sharing, we’ll feel into what’s true for you, what’s ready to shift and how this change wants to come about. All the while, maintaining a light, curious approach, open to insights unfolding and revealing themselves in divine timing, without the need to strive or work it out.

We might pull an oracle card, reflect on patterns you’re noticing, talk about a dream you’ve had or signs, symbols or synchronicities you’re aware of. We’ll play with the magic of metaphor for envisioning change and the power of intention setting and reflection. We’ll explore ideas, processes, emotions and inspiration through the expressive arts, ritual and inquiry-journaling.

We enter into this highly intuitive process, in partnership with our Larger Selves and Spirit. My role is to hold the vision your soul has for you over our nine months together and act in service of your fullest expression at all times, guided by you and Spirit and what you bring to each session.

Intuitive Process Painting

Every brush stroke painted from a place of authenticity is a healing act.

One of my favourite tools for powerfully accessing the shadow, your inner wisdom and subconscious realm is intuitive process painting. 

We’ll use this process in most sessions to bypass the thinking mind and allow intuition to guide you to access your soul’s longings and what wants to be seen and expressed.

Through trusting the brush and your intuition, you’ll open up to imaginative solutions and the power of symbolism to guide you. 

This process is simple, yet profound in the depths to which it can bring you within yourself. No prior experience or artistic ability is required, just a willingness to surrender to the process. You can read more about Intuitive Process Painting in FAQ's.

The Systems of Human Design, Enneagram and Myers Briggs.

Learning about my Human Design energy type, strategy and authority has been absolutely life changing for me, which is why I feel so passionate about introducing others to this system.

We’ll find out what wisdom lies within your chart and how to understand and navigate this information. You’ll learn about your unique decision making authority (absolute GOLD) and best ways of approaching your life for success. Although I’m not a Human Design analyst, I have a strong basic understanding of how to read a chart and how to apply the information in practical ways, through my own studies and application over the last number of years.

Alongside Human Design, we’ll play with the Enneagram and Myers Briggs personality systems to give us more in-depth information about how you behave, what motivates you, what’s important to you, what your core values are and how you relate in the world.

Armed with this blueprint information, we’ll dial in deeply into your unique way of showing up in the world and aligning with your truth and purpose.

Meeting and working with your personal Goddess Archetype

Meeting my Goddess Archetype and working with her energy in my life, has been and continues to be powerfully transformative.

It is hands down my favourite healing tool because of the magical transformation I see over and over in the women who I’ve facilitated to do this.

In this special ritual process of meeting and working with your personal Goddess Archetype, you’ll gain access to a bespoke guidance system you can call upon again and again. This process is highly individualised and super powerful for supporting you in stepping into a more expanded version of yourself. A truly magical portal into your potential.

Trauma Informed Embodiment Practices and Body Wisdom

Bypassing the logical thinking mind and accessing wisdom and healing within your body and creative mind, is key to the work we’ll do. In every session there will be guided meditation/visualisation, movement and processing feelings and experiences somatically through the body. 

Surrendering the need to strive, figure it out and control outcomes, we turn to the body for the wisdom it offers us in the form of felt knowing, intuition and feeling. These practices are deeply supportive in creating a sense of safety within your nervous system as you grow, transform and process emotions and trauma. Presence and pleasure will be our guides throughout the program.

Flowing with Cycles

We’ll honour and work closely with how you experience and are influenced by your own cyclical nature (if you experience a menstrual cycle) and the cycles within nature (moon, celestial and seasonal). You’ll become highly attuned to the best times to rest, create and take action in harmony with the flow of the cycles within and around you.

Collective Threads

Some of the common threads we explore as we do this work together include shadow, shame, anger, rage, grief, loss, the Inner Critic, resistance, limiting beliefs, desire, wants, needs, sexuality and sexual expression, reclaiming voice, authentic self expression, acceptance and integration of all parts of self, boundaries and relationships, unconditional love and self compassion, spiritual laws and magical principles, trust, truth, and cultivating and living in harmony with the energies of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

I invite you to take a breath here and check in with your body.

How is this landing with you?

How does your body feel as you read these words?

Is there excitement? Is there resistance? Or is it ‘meh’, no strong feeling either way? Your intuition speaks through sensations and energy in your body. Any strong reaction either way, is a clue to what your intuition is nudging you to pay attention to.

Next Steps

If these words are sparking a strong reaction in your body and you’re curious to know more, you are invited to:

Send me an email with any questions you may have? 

Book an alignment call using the button below to meet me and feel further into whether this is a good fit for you or not. 

Please be assured I will absolutely NOT try to sell you this program or influence your decision in anyway, as only working with those who feel fully aligned with me and what I’m offering is very important to me.


Try a THRESHOLD session (the cost of THRESHOLD will be deducted from the price of Bone Deep Rising if you commit to the program as a result of the session – effectively making THRESHOLD a free taster) to see if this way of working with me is for you.

"I have worked with Becky both in a group setting and 1:1 and I can honestly say that both ways of engaging in intuitive painting are incredibly potent. Becky holds such a safe and inviting space to enable you to unfold the mystery within. 

She gently coaxes and encourages you to drop into that space of subconscious mind and body and allow the unspoken, unseen aspects emerge on the page. Her warm and beautiful manner really supports you to get out of your own way, the thinking mind, and to allow the painting process to take you over. 

I’ve had some really deep revelations and insights whilst working with Becky. A highly skilled, professional and intuitive coach. I am really blessed to have found her work."

Michelle Beagley

"I have had the pleasure to spend this summer working one to one alongside Becky Fowler. It has been a fascinating and illuminating journey. Throughout the process I have felt safely held and wisely witnessed by Becky, as I have began to listen to my body and access its wisdom. The sessions were most helpful and it was healing to have time dedicated to my development. Her gentle challenging of my perceptions of the painting process were in hindsight the most valuable. This is where I made most progress. Between sessions her continuing support was also supportive and positive. I am still processing the many learnings I gained following the intuitive painting process with Becky. I look forward to working with her again. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend both Becky and the intuitive painting process."

Alice Grey

"Becky has been supporting me with great experience, love and her laser focus questions, as I travel into the unknown. I totally trust her as she makes me feel so well held and cared for. I follow her with my natural rhythm and as the old falls apart, layer by layer, new discoveries appear. Because she’s grounded and so present, the creative energy moves so freely between me and her and the trust deepens creating a beautiful co-operation! I inform her, she informs me and the energy, alive and able to move freely, deepens my connection to myself - my knowing myself! I am so grateful for this support and creative work we do together."

Raimonda Pironti.

Telephone: 07367 964679
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