Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have any prior experience or ability to attend an intuitive painting, art journaling or expressive arts workshop?

Absolutely not. All workshops and retreats are suitable for complete beginners and for people with more experience.

This is because all workshops are process oriented rather than product oriented and can be approached from any level. Your skills, ability and experience are perfect exactly as they are and yes, you will be able to 
do it. That’s a promise!

Will I learn techniques in the intuitive painting workshops?

No, you won’t be taught techniques of how to paint and create images or produce paintings in a certain way. However, you will be taught the principles for engaging with the intuitive painting process and how to listen deeply to yourself and you will be facilitated to work through ‘blocks’ and challenges in your painting process.

Will I learn techniques in the art journaling workshops?

You will be supported to play with and explore different techniques and ways of using mixed media with the aim of finding ways to express yourself uniquely rather than for producing particular results. This will be process oriented rather than product oriented.

What does ‘process over product’ mean?

All art making facilitated by Creative Coven Arts is process oriented as opposed to product oriented. The emphasis is on expressing yourself, staying present to how you are feeling and what you are experiencing in the process of creating. This kind of art making is not concerned with aesthetics, how a piece looks or even particularly with what the content of the painting or page is about. The finished product is secondary and in some ways insignificant.

What is intuitive painting?

Intuitive painting (or process painting) is a way of painting that is focused on the process rather than the end product. Intuitive paintings are started and created with no plan. Paintings are created by following spontaneous internal urges and intuitive prompts and quietening the judging, logical analytical mind.

The process is about staying present to yourself and painting from how you are feeling in the moment. Intuitive painting is a way of expressing your unique authentic self, discovering more about yourself and deepening your connection to yourself and to your inner guidance. For some it is a deeply spiritual practice.

How can intuitive painting help me?

The practice of intuitive painting can help you:

To become more present with yourself and listen more to your intuition and inner guidance.

To let go of listening to and being controlled by your inner critic

To open up to wisdom from your authentic self

To delve into old stories, limiting beliefs and barriers and to work through what is holding you back in your life.

To take risks, try new things and become a braver version of yourself

To develop compassion for yourself and to accept and love yourself as you are

What are Expressive Arts and what are the benefits of engaging with the expressive arts?

Expressive Arts is the exploration and use of music, movement, dance, writing, art, craft, drama, singing and voice to authentically express and connect with ourselves.

It is a way of connecting with our felt experience and accessing information and ways of self-healing that do not involve the analytical thinking mind. Expressive arts offer ways of becoming embodied (feeling ‘in your body’) and connected with our essence. In this state we can access deeper wisdom and profound truths that can lead to greater self-love and healing.

What is art/visual journaling?

Art journaling or visual journaling, as it is sometimes known, is the process of expressing yourself visually inside a journal/book for the purpose of exploring, processing and or documenting your life or simply for experimenting and expressing yourself in the moment. 

Art journaling can be approached with intention or spontaneously i.e. without a plan. A variety of mixed media (e.g. pencil, pen, acrylic, watercolour, collage, stitching etc) and methods (e.g. scribbling, etching, painting, dripping, sticking down, layering, revealing, covering, combining, burning etc) can be used in a free, expressive way to put images, thoughts, feelings, memories, intentions, notions, senses and questions down onto the page in a visual way.

The visual journal is a container that can hold everything. It is a safe space to be yourself 100% and to create entirely for yourself. Just like a written journal/diary it need never be shown to another living soul. Each art journalist will develop their own style and approach to art journaling and will receive their own benefits from their practice. If approached with curiosity and compassion, art journaling can be a very supportive tool for personal growth, development and healing.

What is a sacred women’s circle?

A sacred circle is a gathering of women who meet to share and express themselves and to bear witness to others sharing without advice giving, comment or judgement. It can be a very healing experience for many women to open up and share deeply from their heart without fear of interruption, judgement and comment. 

Often what is shared by others in circle can resonate with the listener and touch into personal experience and stories leading to new insights, perceptions and healing. 

Sacred women’s circles encourage women to support each other to become more expanded versions of themselves and to love themselves unconditionally. In this space, competition and comparison fade away and empathy and genuine encouragement and championing takes its place.

What qualifications and experience does Becky Fowler have?

Becky is a qualified teacher (with a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree) and has experience and qualifications in leadership and mentoring. Becky trained as an Intuitive Painting and Expressive Arts Facilitator with Chris Zydel and Tim Lajoie in California over a ten-month period. 

She has attended two deep dive workshops with Orly Avineri in art journaling and has many years of personal art making experience. Becky studied art at secondary school to portfolio/exam level and studied ceramics and expressive arts as part of her degree course at university.

Becky’s studies and career experience and training have given her a strong grounding in psychology, behaviour support and compassionate ways of supporting people with personal growth and development. She has years of teaching, leadership and mentoring experience in the area of disability and mental health services which has given her the capacity for meeting and honouring people where they are at and working with people at every level. A capacity for patience, compassion and deep listening were developed through nearly two decades of working in this area.
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