Painting from The Inside Out

An introduction to Intuitive Process Painting

You are invited to come and experience intuitive process painting to reconnect with yourself in a non-judgemental, safe space. 

Let the brush and paint reveal what you need to know and guide you back to yourself. Allow yourself to express how you feel in the moment and release stored emotions. Let your shadow become visible. Go with the flow and mystery, to let go and become open to the unknown and the beauty of not knowing. 

Go beyond your logical thinking mind and what it can think up and delve into your glorious imagination. Surprise yourself over and over with the solutions, images and insights that flow to you whilst painting in this way. 

Allow yourself to become immersed in the process and stay present to listening deeply to your internal urges and intuitive knowing. 
Be received and accepted exactly as you are by our circle of fellow courageous women and lovingly held by them as you delve into parts of who you are, what you are willing to let go of and what you are longing to invite into your life. The circle can hold everything.

This is a day of getting into your body, tuning in and listening deeply to your own innate wisdom and being present to all that reveals itself for your attention. Get unstuck and free yourself from limiting thought patterns. Allow yourself to go on an adventure into your soul and your psyche. Let yourself drop old stories and open up to the magical, dream-like realm of the intuitive painting process. Go along for the ride and see where it brings you.

Intuitive painting is about the process NOT the product. It is about what is happening within you as you paint not what comes through onto the paper. No prior interest in art or experience in painting or art making is necessary. You don’t have to be ‘creative’ or an ‘artist’. This process is open to all and does not require any skill or talent.
"Becky gave me all the permission to paint whatever came to me in the moment. She asked questions that helped me see the possibility of next steps. It was really comforting for me to be able to have discussions about what was happening for me between my body, mind, and the painting. Letting the 'shoulds' go in all areas in my life is a HUGE thing for me right now. 

The intuitive painting process was a big help in the letting go [and] in letting me see me, my desires and how I would like to see the world. I found that I could let myself just get lost in the painting. I could feel free. I could express all my emotions onto the painting. I definitely want to add this process in some form to my life more often." 

Katie Lynn
"[By being part of the sacred circle] I gained insight, connection and support. Listening to others helped me to understand what was showing up for me. It helped me go deeper within my own process.

[Becky was] kind and supportive. [She] asked open questions which enabled me to go deeper and listen to my intuition.

[I learned] when I trust the energy of my intuition it can take me into surprising new territory, which can feel surprising and exciting.

My painting began to feel like Medicine, which I need for this particular time in my life. I felt the course helped me to tune into what my body, which I began to discover, was also my intuition speaking to me; those felt sensations, were also a part of my inner wisdom.

The inner critic showed up in my judgement of my painting, which felt heavy in my body - a different feeling to my intuition. I learned to discern the difference between those energies."


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