Threshold Series

Threshold Series

A block of Four 1:1 Intuitive Process Painting and Mentoring sessions
4 x 2.5-3 hour online or in-person sessions
Full Payment £760
Two equal Payments of £380

Deepen your experience and understanding of the Intuitive Process Painting process.

Allow yourself to fully immerse in the process and what it has to offer you as you let go of control, needing to know, plan, work it out and create for product.

Let the process bring you where you need to go within your internal landscape.

Let your beautiful authentic expression finally be seen and heard with each brush stroke you make from a place of surrender, strengthening your connection with your body wisdom, intuition and Higher guidance systems.

Learn how to soften your fear, self-doubt and inner critic and work with your body and nervous system to integrate and open up to growth and transformation.

See the power in applying the intuitive process painting principles to your daily life too.

Start to notice a sense of aliveness and vitality filling you as a result of your bravery to step into the creative unknown.

Each session combines heart to heart sharing, guided visualisation, nervous system supporting embodiment practices, teaching of the Intuitive Process Painting principles and plenty of time to paint and receive facilitation with your painting process.

Telephone: 07367 964679
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