1:1 Intuitive Process Painting and Mentoring Session
2.5-3 hours online or in-person

Maybe you’re curious what it would be like to commit to doing Bone Deep Rising (my nine month creative-spiritual mentoring program) and you’d like to try a taster session first to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If this is you and you choose to sign up for Bone Deep Rising as a result, the cost of this session (£185) will be taken off the price of Bone Deep Rising (consider it a free taster session).

Or maybe you’re curious about intuitive process painting and what this magical process can offer you as a personal healing practice and you’d like to learn the principles for getting started.

Whatever your reason, this session will give you the framework for using the intuitive process painting process for yourself and an opportunity for tailoring it to where you are now in your spiritual journey.

Intuitive Process Painting is a simple but profound portal for accessing your true authentic expression (a key goal in trauma healing) in a low-risk way.

This session combines heart to heart sharing and mentoring, guided visualisation, nervous system supporting embodiment practices, teaching of the Intuitive Process Painting principles and plenty of time to paint and receive facilitation with your painting process.

More about Intuitive Process Painting:
Intuitive process painting is a way of painting that is focused on the process rather than the end product.

Intuitive paintings are started and created with no plan. Paintings are created by following spontaneous internal urges and intuitive prompts and quietening the judging, logical analytical mind. The process is about staying present to yourself and painting from how you are feeling in the moment.

Intuitive painting is a way of expressing your unique authentic self, discovering more about yourself and deepening your connection to yourself and to your inner guidance. For some it is a deeply spiritual practice.
The practice of intuitive process painting can help you:

to become more present with yourself and listen more to your intuition and inner guidance.

to let go of listening to and being controlled by your inner critic

to open up to wisdom from your authentic self

to delve into old stories, limiting beliefs and barriers and to work through what is holding you back in your life.

to take risks, try new things and become a braver version of yourself

to develop compassion for yourself and to accept and love yourself as you are.

Learn the principles of intuitive process painting in this session and discover the potential of this creative healing practice for bringing you in contact with your authentic self expression and ultimately with the depths of who you are.

2 friends for the price of 1

Fancy painting with me, but feel a bit nervous about trying it on your own?


Maybe sharing the cost with a friend would make it more accessible for you?

Either way, I'm excited to offer you and a friend the opportunity to share the cost (or give it as a gift) of painting with me.

Here's how it works:

Just let me know you'll be bringing a friend when you schedule your session/s on my calendar, after one of you purchases Threshold.

I'll send you both an email with all the details.

Then we'll paint.


Let's paint.

Investment and Payment Options:

£148 per session.

Telephone: 07367 964679
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