Is transformation and stepping into a more aligned way of living true to your soul purpose calling you?

Do you know there is more to your life than the mundane day to day grind?

Are you curious about how developing a creative spiritual practice can support you in healing and transforming your life?

Let me support you to gain clarity, trust in yourself and Spirit and courage to move into alignment with your authentic self. 

You are here for a higher purpose. Nothing lights me up more than supporting women to see their potential and to start opening up to their spiritual life purpose. Let’s work together.

Rise Up Soul Sister

A tailored one to one creative spiritual practice and creative soul mentoring program:

Buried within you is the key to unlocking your creative, abundant, fullest potential for living the life that you are meant to be living. 

A life that is rich with purpose, passion, creativity, sensuality, clarity and excitement. You are here to inspire and to be inspired.
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Prospecting for Gold

An introduction to Intuitive Process Painting

A six-week journey into your soul to discover and retrieve the gold that lies waiting within you aching to be uncovered and reclaimed.

Through circle sharing, guided meditation, embodiment practices and facilitated intuitive process painting we will dance with the energies of surrender, release, allowing, trust, receiving, aliveness, truth, authenticity, reclamation, celebration and radical self-acceptance.
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Painting from The Inside Out

An introduction to Intuitive Process Painting

You are invited to come and experience intuitive process painting to reconnect with yourself in a non-judgemental, safe space.

Let the brush and paint reveal what you need to know and guide you back to yourself. Allow yourself to express how you feel in the moment and release stored emotions. Let your shadow become visible. 
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Soul-Speak Oracle Collage

Soul Collage

You are invited to come and join us for a day of self enquiry, exploration and creative play. 

This is a day of discovering more about yourself through spontaneous, intuitive soul collage making. Delve deeply into questions you have about yourself and your life and allow your intuitive collages to act as an oracle to bring forth messages from your soul. Revel in the mystical, spiritual realms of intuition, oracle and higher consciousness.
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Manifesting Magic

You are invited to tune into what is truly your heart’s desire and to explore techniques for manifesting the life you want to live. 

Together we will explore and connect with our soul’s longings through a mix of creativity, expressive arts, visualisation, journaling, partner and group work, oracle, ritual and circle sharing. We will explore the blocks and barriers that might be holding us back from stepping into our expanded vision for ourselves.
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Shedding Skins

Stepping into Your Expanded Self

You are invited to answer your soul’s call and join a small sacred group of women for a six-week period to support one another to release old limiting beliefs and stories holding us back from living the lives we are here to live. 

By shedding the skins that we’ve outgrown, we will emerge renewed, lighter, shinier and ready to embrace our more expanded selves and start living lives that we feel excited about.
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I am a Goddess

Re-claiming Your Powerful Goddess Nature.

Archetypal Goddess energy is within all of us and when we reclaim this energy and bring it into our lives, powerful shifts and changes become possible.

You are a Goddess and are meant for bigger, more significant work on this planet. You are needed to step into who you came here to be and to bring your gifts and medicine to the world.
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Just for Me

Art Journaling

Creating art just for yourself inside a book is one of the most intimate creative ways I know to explore yourself and your soul. 

Art journaling is about the process – allowing you to put down on the page what you are carrying and what is within you that needs to be expressed. 
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Tailored Group Workshops

Do you run or belong to a women’s circle or group centered around women’s spiritual self development? 

I would love to meet you and your group and would be honoured to bring my transformative creative spiritual practice workshops to you. 
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