Bone Deep Rising

A nine-month transformative, one to one creative-spiritual mentoring program.


A self paced, online spiritual business course. 


1:1 Intuitive Process Painting and Mentoring Session

Threshold Series

A block of Four 1:1 Intuitive Process Painting and Mentoring sessions

"I have worked with Becky both in a group setting and 1:1 and I can honestly say that both ways of engaging in intuitive painting are incredibly potent. Becky holds such a safe and inviting space to enable you to unfold the mystery within. 

She gently coaxes and encourages you to drop into that space of subconscious mind and body and allow the unspoken, unseen aspects emerge on the page. Her warm and beautiful manner really supports you to get out of your own way, the thinking mind, and to allow the painting process to take you over. 

I’ve had some really deep revelations and insights whilst working with Becky. A highly skilled, professional and intuitive coach. I am really blessed to have found her work."

Michelle Beagley

"I have had the pleasure to spend this summer working one to one alongside Becky Fowler. It has been a fascinating and illuminating journey. Throughout the process I have felt safely held and wisely witnessed by Becky, as I have began to listen to my body and access its wisdom. The sessions were most helpful and it was healing to have time dedicated to my development. Her gentle challenging of my perceptions of the painting process were in hindsight the most valuable. This is where I made most progress. Between sessions her continuing support was also supportive and positive. I am still processing the many learnings I gained following the intuitive painting process with Becky. I look forward to working with her again. It is without hesitation that I highly recommend both Becky and the intuitive painting process."

Alice Grey

"Becky has been supporting me with great experience, love and her laser focus questions, as I travel into the unknown. I totally trust her as she makes me feel so well held and cared for. I follow her with my natural rhythm and as the old falls apart, layer by layer, new discoveries appear. Because she’s grounded and so present, the creative energy moves so freely between me and her and the trust deepens creating a beautiful co-operation! I inform her, she informs me and the energy, alive and able to move freely, deepens my connection to myself - my knowing myself! I am so grateful for this support and creative work we do together."

Raimonda Pironti.

Telephone: 07367 964679
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